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TEGN: Eynjallar - Patreon Assignment

We all need companions in life, even those we did not think we wanted, but bound by blood-debt and the whims of fortune, our path runs across that of another, and life will now never do without them. Eynjallar, the ever-squalling, the daughter of a God, decendant of the old harpies of the mountains. Her story begins with the treachery, tragedy and the wicked betrayal of kin, her and Haaral, bound by the most timeless trolldom. Now the hatchling has made herself at home in the Heiduholt, making sport of hounding her guardian’s steps, plying her piteous cries whenever she is left behind. More a friend to the cats than her fellow birds, Eynjallar knows her rightful place, and like her bewhiskered comrades, she demands workship. And treats.