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TEGN: Pilsudorix - Patreon Assignment

Pilsudorix was a hell of a piece to work out, but I feel that a lot of the practices and the studies paid off in this one, and going forward I feel a lot more confident playing with color :D

Pilsudorix: Some warriors choose their swords, others have them chosen. Only seldom does the blade chose the man, but one such is Pilsudorix. Blade-Elect. He has served the Brothers of Battle since first he bore arms and has wagered and warred and danced the Red Dance for one purpose, one single cause. To fight the Good Fight. Fair and straightforth, not for him the maneuvers and plans that muddied the fair waters of strife. It should be simple. A warrior. A blade. A foe. All else was just murmurs of those who could not grasp the simple, bloody beauty of it all.