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TEGN: Oxealots - Patreon Assignment

This will no doubt sit uneasily with those of you who disdain carnivorous consumption, but keep in mind, this guy is not supposed to be particularly nice. However, he was a really great character to work on, and it was pretty fun to establish one of our baddies finally. Really excited to explore more of this culture, any excuse to do more research is a good one, so I hope you enjoy the gory glory of the Oxealots as he harken on our next assignment. I hope you will come and join us over at the stream, and please consider joining the Patreon if you want to support the ongoing project we call TEGN!

„Smoke, thick and greasy rises in acrid plumes from the pits dug before the field of conflict. The Viscerones have marked their claim, earth scorched with holy fire, burned with oil and fine coals. The culling of the herd has left the air heavy with the screams of pain and the heavy hearted groans of a final submission, the carcasses dripping with blood and fat stand across the flames as the Oxealots drape themselves in their battle harnesses and don the skins of the butchered. The second culling is called.“