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Tegn: Heiduholt Patreon Assignment

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Heiduholt: Where the sun washes across the steep, rocky promontories, losing its rays among the dark pines that grow everywhere, where the streams run wild among the rocks and trees, racing to join the White River Running and the roar of it´s frothing fervor, upon the old stones, beneath the Tower and the Oak, there stands Heiduholt. She numbers among the oldest, if not the greatest of the Tingholds; the strong places where the Jarls of the Ting have their seats of power, their hoard and hearth, from where they ride forth to make war, do justice and seek the law, when the Tingsmoot is called, and they ride forth in splendor. The Ariovistii now sit at the Heiduholt, though Orlauf Jarl is the first of his family to hold, the Jarlship given to him as spoils of battle and the tithe of bonded marriage. It is here that we find ourselves as Spring slays Winter. It is here that the story will begin.