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TEGN: The Retreat - Patreon Assignment

Welcome to the speedpaint video of The Retreat, our Patreon-Assignment of the month of March. You can find the full process on my Patreon account. We also added a Procreate brush set which we created during the streams.

Among strange standing stones, beneath the awning of the calmly keening canopy sits a red door above a babbling brook. Even when he makes it his home, Jorsalfari is seldom there, for he wanders in long strides among the hills and valleys, beneath the trees of the wild woods, over the great wide wastes of grass and sand, even among silver and song. Still, he will return, with spring in full sprout, he will come across the hills to once again rest his well-worn feet by a fire burning merry beside that rosy red door.

Digital Speed Paint: The Retreat | TEGN | Fantasy Art