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Orlauf, Jarl of Heiduholt, of the Ariovisti, Longfarer, Dread Raider

He is for the old clans, though he has had to carve out his place amongst them, the better work of half his life, claiming his rights by steel and verse, by feast and friendship. His grant came with his name, wrought out of blood and smoke, gold and spoils won as they raided down into the free cities south of the Seven Sisters. Only with a name could he steal the woman he had wanted, and with her begun a seldom mingling between the old clans and his own folk.

His is a small holding, as these go, but he is well attended, by his spear brothers of old, and those who have gathered to him over the years, and now that winter has passed, it is time for slow schemes to bear sweet fruit, and for new adventures to begin.

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