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TEGN: Gryim + Video

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Gryim, sturdy and crooked and weathered like an old oak, one of the far-eyes who lives as much out among the fens and the lawless clans as he does at his home, among the folk of Heiduholt. His has always been a hard way, but he has made it his strength that he fights for every step, and his strength is loyal to Orlauf, to the Ariovistii, to the ancient freedoms. He is head if the huntsmen among Orlauf’s men, first among his runners, the lead hound, proud of his fangs and claws. It’s a good life, none other would suit him. With spear and horse, javelin and sword he is renowned, and by his look he is known, though seldom does he pass words through the thicket of whiskers that dwells like some restless beast beneath his crooked nose, and yet his watchful eyes eldom stray far from his liege’s youngest, one who would elsewise fall victim to his own mischief. Friends they are, of a strange sort, Haaral, and Gryim. His honor is bound, his word is true, his will is iron.

Gryim 30 sec