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Hey guys!

It´s a lovely morning to announce that Tegn book 2 is now up for sale! We are gonna do it over our webshop this time, so we are doing a wee bit of promoting!

we have a bunch of amazing guest artists! Includung:
Fred Rambaud, Iris Compiet, Jonathan Mathiasen, Julio Reyna, Kate Pfeilschiefter, JungGi Kim, Mads Ahm, Mikkel Mainz Elkjær, Milivoj Ćeran MCeran Art and Paul Bonner !!!

If you purchase TEGN Book Two in the first week of the preorder month, you will get a 5€ discount on the preorder bundle (discount active until 7th of April). To get a free print of the cover motive, with your order of TEGN Book One or Two, SIGN UP for our newsletter, and if you think this is happy new, please share it around so everybody can partake in the joy! C:

Everything you need you can find at: