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TEGN: The Exile - Patreon Assignment

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The worst of all was the niggling lightness at his wrists, the constant reminder of what had been taken from him. Those chosen for the warrior’s life were bronze bound at birth, raised for the glory of Thorwuz, manhood signified by their silvered cuff braces where their deeds and their creeds told the story not just of the man, but of all the spear brothers of the Sopartoz, going back to the first counting. The memories of that night filled him with a quiet fury, how the hall had erupted in fighting, his father’s stolid men gathering grim about them, fighting in a determined silence until they were overcome by the tide of daggermen, how his father the king, elected and true, had been brought down by a dozen daggers right before his own eyes.

Digital Speed Paint: Exile | TEGN | Fantasy Art