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The high winds

Getting back to little dailies, as a little celebration of Tegn 3 being out for preorders 😀 Hope you have the chance to pick up a copy :D

Angrond swore grimly under his steaming breath as he pushed onwards through the freezing gale. Not half a year past he had set out from Skreventum, well provisioned for his tour of the northeren holds and cities and had it not been for his damnable curiosity he might be home again by now, he might be warm and safe, and his eye would not be in the state it was in.

It was normal for those who wished to join the Keepers at one of the great libraries to go into the frontiers to collect tales and songs and histories, so as to bring something new back to the hoardings that had already been collected by those who had gone before. Not as normal was it to venture into unmapped mountains, following the vague directions piece together from the songs and stories of the small folk.

Still, there he was, throwing another curse at the wind