Witcher Hunter

The white haired fool at thought Khozag some sort of beast as he came charging out of the dank darkness, moonlight playing along the silver edge as the witcher’s blade slipped free of it’s sheath. Silver is fine to look on, twinkles oh so prettily, like like gold and fine stones and polished teeth, but it holds no edge and stands no ground at the onslaught of hard bitter steel. At the mocking scorn Khozag had growled as his blade parted rings and wool and flesh there had been confusion, then recognition, then nothing. Now he was but another dead weight to be exchanged for silver, another triumphant notch to be carved. ⠀

The stream is every wednesday and sunday, so I hope you'll join in the sketching and the ranting!⠀

Even amundsen witcher hunter final
Even amundsen witcher hunter doodle


Even amundsen witcher hunter final crop


Preview: Witcher Hunter 30 secs