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TEGN: The Feathered Lord - Patreon Assignment 3/3

This is the third of the three Prologue Characters we have been exploring on my Patreon. Come check it out, we have some new tiers and mentorships are back on the menu!

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Hey guys! Here are the three characters we did in the dark days of December^^ Eithna in all her battle harness I think sets a nice tone for the stylings of the Eloettoi and their kin across the White River Running, and I'll be riffing off that, her carnex-inspired Heronhorn and the kinds of battle traditions the Gardaroi, the Eloettoi and the Dorioikoi deploy in their course of the war. The Featherlord, the venerable Iggmur himself looks quite splendid I think, though I still want to do more on his design, and I want to work more on being a little looser with my brushwork, perhaps we have to have a session or two of making more brushes^^ Last but not least is Orchotix, and I must say that I rather like the look of the scoundrel. A man who wields a feast like others steer a battle, moving and in tune. Gonna be fun to explore this culture^^