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The Shield of Sand ans Silver

Ordenatheus was, for all the formality and fine courtly manners of his home and house, a endlessly curious and energetic man, never far from another question about some part of Haaral’s home. It had puzzled him at first how the little man never seemed much interested in stories and sagas, all of which Haaral loved to launch into. Rather he would ask about all the things Haaral had not thought about since he had left. The herds, the banners, the Ting and the Moots seemed to fascinate his host to no end, and he had even broken into applause when Haaral told him about the holmgang trails of combat.

In return Haaral was endlessly curious about the land in which he was a visitor, and would ask his own questoins about heroes and villians and brave acts of valour, and the Prince of Sand and Silver knew every last story.