What has been happening?

General / 13 February 2020

As the new year settles over us and we prepare to live or die by our resolutions, we’ve made headway into a new era of the Patreon as well. In wanting to be able to include the audience with the doodling and the sketching, as well as building more on the Tegn world, we began setting up assignments where we all work from the same character prompt, building our interpretation from story and onwards So far we’ve gone through two, working from the prompts of “Dwarf Physician” and “Exile who would win spiteful glory and return”, and now we are working on a third “The Old Hero, well rested on his laurels, seeking reascension”, which I am very excited to share. 

All the assignments are worked live on the Twitch stream, link below, and I answer questions as we go, as well as doing feedback for those participating, and an extra review session at the end of each assignments for those who have signed up for the higher tiers. 

The reason for the new direction is simple; Tegn. As much as I enjoyed working on the suggested topics, I really cannot get Tegn out of my head, and so, in an effort to clear up more time, I figured this would be a great way to not only invest myself back into the development of this little world, but also to let people take part in that effort alongside me, while allowing them to learn from all the myriad missteps I am sure to make, and apply the lessons learned to their own ideas, worlds and characters. 

As we continue with the assignments we’ll be taking on more than just characters as well. There are locations, creatures, and whole scenes that will be in need of depiction, and so if this is something that might interest you, then I hope you’ll consider joining up, and joining in. 

For now I must back to the drawing board, back to my little world c: 

Cheers Even

PS: We also relaunched the www.tegn.shop page and will soon have original artwork and merchandise up!