New Patreon and YouTube channel!

General / 23 May 2019

So we made a Patreon.

Spiridon and I have been talking for a while about how to delve deeper into the world that we begun in the Tegn books. The scattered snippets of stories that resulted from that frantic year have been swirling wildly in my mind, and more and more have been added, but for whatever came next we wanted to do something more directed, establish characters and build the world they dwell in like before, but go deeper into characters, creatures, locations, and yield stories that can grow in the telling.

But wait, there is more! Being the kind of back seat designing, nitpicky, concept obsessive that I am, I figured it would only be fair to walk the walk after all my ranty talk. The second part of the project would focus on designing, or re-designing characters and fictional settings based on audience choice, which would also serve to get me out of the comfortable cocoon of Fantasy worlds I usually work in.

On top of that there will be process videos, PSDs, hi res archives and other goodies available to patrons, and more to come as we see more of what the audience might want.

It's time for a new adventure. We hope you'll join in!

- Even

Here is the Patreon

Here is the YouTube channel