We updated the shop!

News / 23 July 2020

Hi everybody!

We overworked the page and added a lot of new features and will keep adding things in the coming months.

The main attention is on the shop, as there are now some original artworks for purchase and in the next weeks, there will be more of these, but also new products and limited merchandise like prints and t-shirts.

By following this newsletter you are already safe and won’t miss a thing, as you guys and the supporters on Patreon will always be the first to hear the news. There will be new artwork every week due to the #doodlitude initiative by bluebirdy.

Check out the new works now and hurry before they are gone! 


What has been happening?

General / 13 February 2020

As the new year settles over us and we prepare to live or die by our resolutions, we’ve made headway into a new era of the Patreon as well. In wanting to be able to include the audience with the doodling and the sketching, as well as building more on the Tegn world, we began setting up assignments where we all work from the same character prompt, building our interpretation from story and onwards So far we’ve gone through two, working from the prompts of “Dwarf Physician” and “Exile who would win spiteful glory and return”, and now we are working on a third “The Old Hero, well rested on his laurels, seeking reascension”, which I am very excited to share. 

All the assignments are worked live on the Twitch stream, link below, and I answer questions as we go, as well as doing feedback for those participating, and an extra review session at the end of each assignments for those who have signed up for the higher tiers. 

The reason for the new direction is simple; Tegn. As much as I enjoyed working on the suggested topics, I really cannot get Tegn out of my head, and so, in an effort to clear up more time, I figured this would be a great way to not only invest myself back into the development of this little world, but also to let people take part in that effort alongside me, while allowing them to learn from all the myriad missteps I am sure to make, and apply the lessons learned to their own ideas, worlds and characters. 

As we continue with the assignments we’ll be taking on more than just characters as well. There are locations, creatures, and whole scenes that will be in need of depiction, and so if this is something that might interest you, then I hope you’ll consider joining up, and joining in. 

For now I must back to the drawing board, back to my little world c: 

Cheers Even

PS: We also relaunched the www.tegn.shop page and will soon have original artwork and merchandise up!

DECADE - 48h left!

General / 09 December 2019

The last remaining 48 hours of the campaign for DECADE have just begun and it is your last chance to get some exclusive content and merch! We have been working on the posters and the cover for the past month and will soon be able to reveal more about the finished product! The inside of the book is 100% finished and if you would like to get copies of my previous books too, this is the chance to get a bundle and save some shipping!



New Patreon and YouTube channel!

General / 23 May 2019

So we made a Patreon.

Spiridon and I have been talking for a while about how to delve deeper into the world that we begun in the Tegn books. The scattered snippets of stories that resulted from that frantic year have been swirling wildly in my mind, and more and more have been added, but for whatever came next we wanted to do something more directed, establish characters and build the world they dwell in like before, but go deeper into characters, creatures, locations, and yield stories that can grow in the telling.

But wait, there is more! Being the kind of back seat designing, nitpicky, concept obsessive that I am, I figured it would only be fair to walk the walk after all my ranty talk. The second part of the project would focus on designing, or re-designing characters and fictional settings based on audience choice, which would also serve to get me out of the comfortable cocoon of Fantasy worlds I usually work in.

On top of that there will be process videos, PSDs, hi res archives and other goodies available to patrons, and more to come as we see more of what the audience might want.

It's time for a new adventure. We hope you'll join in!

- Even

Here is the Patreon

Here is the YouTube channel

Book 3! Preorders are up :D

General / 01 November 2018

You guys have been waiting for the final volume of our trilogy and the moment has finally arrived. After the successful Kickstarter campaign of Book One and the great response for Book Two we can now announce Book Three. 


Preorder the latest volume of TEGN in a bundle with four prints. The preorder phase goes from the 1st until the 14th of November 2018 and during that time you have the chance to treat yourself good for christmas. Depending on the shipping service of your country you might hold the new book in your hands as a gift for the holidays or you can give it to your loved ones or friends. 

We will also reprint Tegn Book One which is sold out and will be available for preorder with SIX prints in a bundle!


366 sketches, 366 stories, written and drawn in 366 days. Shared with the community, first online, and now as a series of beautiful books: TEGN by Even Mehl Amundsen will be three books featuring the journeys and stories that came about as the result of a decision on the first day of the year: “draw something today, and the next day and the next” and soon the doodles took on a life of their own, summoning up grand adventures and ideas for a world emerging slowly from the mists of imagination. 

Don’t think that with the trilogy completed there won’t be more from this universe! This journey has just started!

TEGN - Book Two is out, but how did I get into making them?

General / 06 April 2018

We finished our Livestream today and the question was asked more than once, and also before, how I got into making these books. There is a little story about this and now with the second book being out for preorder (http://tegn.shop) and a contest running, I would like to elaborate on this a little more, and explain why I do, what I do.

Much like my stumbling into my career, I stumbled into bookmaking as well, or was strong-armed into it, you choose which one is true. When 2016 was coming to a close I had all but finished a year of daily sketches and I wanted to finish it off somehow, gather all the doodles in some fashion and give it out to the handfull of people I knew were interested. 

Figured I could just throw it into a ZIP or PDF and email it, but this answer nearly got my head bitten off when Spiridon asked me if I had given any thought to making a book. 

"Are you mad?? Or simply and idiot?", that mix of greek and german inflexions can make anything sound jolly. I tried to explain that after a year I was all but done, and wanted to just tie this off and move on, but he would not be cowed and forestalled all arguments with; 

"Areit, hold on, give me a few days, and I will show you what it should look like".

I had played around with some layouts for myself, but they were embarrassing next to what landed in my inbox, and after that I was pretty sold. Ideas for one book turned into three, we edited, picked at details, moved things around, and little by little things came together. Book one came through the hectic rigmarole that is Kickstarter and did pretty well, and so we are following up with number 2 at the moment, and though we have moved on to our own little shop (tegn.shop) to sell from, this one too is doing well, and later this year we hope to bring the trio all together. And then, we might just try something bigger!

I think that’ll do for a first post. For everyone who has bought books, liked, shared and generally supported, it is a kindness I hope is in part made up for by the work, though I want to thank you again. It is my favorite thing to so, making these things, and I’m real grateful for the help. 



PS: Don't forget to preorder, to join the contest, and to tell your friends!